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Gipsy Moon Album Release Party

Gipsy Moon is Silas Herman (Mandolin, Octave Mandolin), Mackenzie Page (Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Vocals), Andrew Conley (Cello), Matt Cantor (Bass, Guitar, Vocals). 

Hailing from Nederland, Colorado, Gipsy Moon is a four-piece group of artists on an endless musical journey, sharing songs with the hopes of planting inspiration into the soul, starting a fire in the heart, and building community that invokes love in its wildest manifestations.

We are over the Gipsy Moon to have them headlining this year’s Green Beer Fest on Saturday, October 1, 2016. Their set starts promptly at `8:15 pm.

Their national tour recently kicked off and they’ll be doing stops in Ohio prior to the fest and California after the fest. A peek at the many tour requests on their Facebook fan page reminds us how fortunate we are to have them at this intimate and great venue here in Colorado.

With soothing harmonies, soul-stirring poetry, and instrumentals that make the hips sway, Gipsy Moon is constantly reinventing their version of indie-folk to include celtic melodies, latin rhythms, jazzy vocals, bluegrass drive, and a gypsy swing that brings acoustic music into an exciting new dimension. A blending of genres that hippies and poets, lovers and dancers, freaks and families alike can all come together to sing and dance until the sun comes up. 

To show their deepest love and appreciation for their hometown fans, they have agreed to do their Album Release Event at this year’s Green Beer Fest.  Woot, Woot! Buy an album to support their craft, then after the fest, head over to Boulder House at 11th & Walnut for autograph signings.

We hope you will come sing, dance and enjoy their original gipsy acoustic folk music as they share their beautiful messages about nature, sunsets, mountain rain, and love.