Band, Countdown

As the founding and host band of the GreenBeerFest, KUNUNDRUM has performed in all 4 Green Beer Festivals since the first one hosted in the summer of 2013. They will open the fest on Saturday at 11 am.

KUNUNDRUM is Ed Honea (Lead Guitar); Joe Deihs (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals); Wade Norris (Lead Singer); Chris Martinez (keyboards, vocals); Animal (drummer); and Subject Zero (bass). 

KUNUNDRUM is a Denver, Colorado founded dirty rock band with multiple crossover influences. With band members ages spanning 4 decades, as their name suggests their band and music is all mixed-up (but their roots remain in dirty rock/metal).

Their original songs have in-depth lyrics that usually span 6-8 minutes and speak to the dark and light we each experience in life. They play not because they want the fame but because they love the art and craft of making music. Their early music inspiration and influence includes Dream Theater, Soundgarden, Iced Earth, Medgadeth and the Doors.