Band, Countdown

Treaphort brings his organic electronic to the Green Beer Fest after party to be hosted at the Boulder House (formerly Absinthe).

Members: Rob Treaphort


Audio production is a form of active meditation for me; a way to center my mind and cultivate creativity. The music that is channeled reflects the state of alert calmness that one receives from practicing presence.

As my experience and knowledge of sound, vibration, energy and life deepens; so my music develops as well. I am constantly learning more about frequencies, vibration, intentional tone, etc. and how they interact and affect our bodies and minds, weaving these ideas in to the audio production.

I am fascinated/obsessed with clean and true sound, nice quality speakers and heavy bass frequencies. I love music that can be played loud enough to feel physically but that does not hurt or cause damage your ears, causing the sound vibrations to caress your body and stroke your mind; and I love the speakers that allow us to do so.

I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had to bring Treaphort to the stage and provide soundscapes for listeners and dancers. I bless all the beautiful moments and happenings with all the lovely people along the way.